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[Founders and Survivors] Founders and Survivors Project: The next phase

Dear Founders & Survivors followers and members,
We are now moving on to our new project, "Diggers to Veterans: Risk,
resilience and recovery in the first AIF' and are seeking two teams of
1) genealogists-history volunteers to work online researching the lives and
military service of one in four of the men who enlisted in Victoria and
served in World War 1. This work will involve Ancestry, TROVE, digitised
military service records from the National Archives and unit diaries from the
Australian War Memorial.
2) retired medical practitioners to work on the DVA medical files of those
who sought a pension that are held in the Victorian Public Record Office in
Sheil St, North Melbourne. (the cafe and its coffee are first class)

We will be holding our first workshop for the Genealogy-War History team on
Saturday 23 May 2015 at The Hub, 4th floor, Melbourne School of Population &
Global Health, 207 Bouverie St, Carlton, 11 am - 3 pm with lunch provided.
The first workshop of the medical team will be held in August.

We regret that we can only work with volunteers who are able to attend our
workshops in Melbourne as well as work online to do the research. We can't
hold interstate workshops and you will need to attend a workshop to learn
about the work. We can't coach you from a distance.
This project involves more history than genealogy and some real detective

You can view our webpage which is on Facebook without being signed up to
Facebook, but you can also join Facebook as a 'silent member' so that you can
be a full member of the group.

I regret that there will no more issues of Chainletter edited by me. I can't
afford the time and this website is about to fall over. We can use the
Diggers to Veterans group Facebook page to post articles and news just as
effectively. And those of you who are simply interested in what's going on,
can follow us on Facebook. We will keep you up to date with Founders &
Survivors news and publications. [1]

If you want to RSVP for the workshop, please email by 15th May so that we can
provide lunch for all.

Hoping to hear from many of you and thank you for your wonderful support to
Founders & Survivors - we achieved much.

Best wishes
Janet McCalman
Melbourne School of Population & Global Health,
University of Melbourne
OR 03 8344 9107 and leave a message.

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