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Founders and Survivors Newsletter No.11, August 2012

This second issue of Chainletter for 2012 farewells Claudine Chionh and welcomes Trudy Cowley and Colette McAlpine. For ships project volunteers, the focus turns to quality control and the next Victorian workshop is announced.

The first featured article in this issue is an article by Megan Webber titled "Reformation and Recidivism: The London Refuge for the Destitute, c.1806–1849". This provides a wonderful insight into the operation of such refuges and discusses how to determine if your convict was in such a refuge.

The second featured article, by Rebecca Kippen, is an intriguing account of the ecclesiastical and political origins of prohibition against marriage with a deceased wife's sister and how this played out in Tasmania with the 'Deceased Wife's Sister's Marriage Bill'.

Jenny Wells, a ships project volunteer, has contributed a fascinating story about John Beveridge who was transported on the 'Claudine' in 1821.

Tricia Curry, a checker of submissions, asks if Margaret Mannion, transported on the 'Duke of Cornwall' in 1850, is the most extraordinary of all convicts?

There are two files available for download: a larger file with a larger image resolution (higher quality images), and a smaller file which is more suitable if you have a slow internet connection. The links should work this time—apologies for the duplicate email.

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